Keohane Funeral Home

Keohane Funeral Home

Job Location
Quincy, MA
Job Details

Apprentice Funeral Director / Embalmer

Position Description: This position will support all aspects of firm operations including, but not limited to, transfers, assisting with funerals and with care center operations. The funeral service intern will collaborate with all members of the team in an environment that facilitates learning and career development.

Position Duties: All candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent, a valid driver’s license, the flexibility to work outside of standard business hours and the ability to lift up 75lbs. Funeral service experience is not required but candidates must be willing to work hard, work as part of a team and demonstrate a sincere commitment to caring for families.

Keohane is committed to offering funeral service interns a complete experience in the hope that a successful candidate will advance into a funeral director role. Those who transition into the funeral director role will be eligible for the Keohane mortuary school tuition reimbursement program.


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